Sunday, June 29, 2008


This is really a rhetorical question since Technology, technically speaking, does not have feelings of any sort (and yes, I understand that it's the 21st-century and all, and there are robots and computers and things with very human-like qualities, but they still don't have feelings).

Nevertheless: I swear (and I am swearing because I'm so dang frustrated) that I must resonate at some frequency which causes machines to malfunction when I am in close proximity to them.
FIRST my computer spontaneously crashed, like, 40 times. Here is a big shout-out (wow, I don't think I've ever used the term "shout-out" ever before in my life. Do I sound like I'm 16?) to my fantastic friend B. who is a SUPER GENIUS and FIXED it. THANK YOU B. (He already knows that I thank him kindly from the bottom of my sometimes overly melodramatic heart, but I would just like to say again how awesome I think he is. He is awesome for a number of reasons, the one currently on my mind being his computer-fixin' skills.)  

Now it is not crashing. Hooray. (Incidentally, there were several times during the recent Iowa Flood that I wanted to blog/put up pictures, but with my Mac out of commission, I'm sorry to say that it didn't happen. Possibly in the future. Certainly repercussions of the flood will be discussed, perhaps at length. Stay tuned.)

TODAY, however, after a night of fun at Verde (which is ever so sadly being turned into a sports bar, of all things) in which my usually lovely Nikon Coolpix S10 worked great, my camera decided to be difficult. I turned it on, to take pictures of all of the stuff outside of the Voxman Music Building that is being trashed because of flood damage (three dumpsters full didn't even make a dent in the chairs, stands, piano benches, lockers, shelves, desks, etc. that sit in the parking lot, awaiting certain moldy doom in a landfill), and all I got was "Lens Error!" in orange on a white screen. Normally I would just sigh and take it somewhere to get it fixed, except, oh yeah, I'm GOING TO EUROPE IN A WEEK AND IT'D BE FREAKIN' NICE TO HAVE A WORKING CAMERA WHEN I GO.